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Radio Campus Paris

20 février 2019

  • Staff members:  for music bands or members of a company or crew.
  • Song charts: allows to add music charts with multiple tracks. Each track can have a Soundcloud, MP3 or Youtube preview. Can contain unlimited tracks.
  • Podcast: allows to add Podcasts with MP3, Mixcloud, Soundcloud or Youtube player.
  • Events: allows to add Events with a date, a map and a countdown. Events can be added to an events map via the QT Places Plugin (included with the theme).
  • Radio shows: create pages of shows which can be used to create a schedule, and display the actual show within the OnAir widget. Once shows are created, can be added to the Schedule post.
  • Radio channels: allows to add unlimited radio channels. To use the theme’s built-in player, you need to have a valid stream URL. Check the dedicated manual section for more infos.
  • Sponsors: creates a scrolling footer of sponsors, which you can activate for single pages